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At Dreamspaze, we offer professional online 3D interior designing services which will help our clients visualize the actual scene of the interiors of their space. Our 3D interior designer will work with the clients one-on-one and pull their room together in their style and budget by perfectly capturing the dreams and visions they have dreamt for their space designing!  

3D Viewer and Augmented Reality-Visuals beyond reality!!

3D Designs – Enables you to visualize your products in all types and forms. Using 3D, you can create countless variations of all products like Furniture, Home Appliances, Décor materials, and even the Office Supplies and visualize and select it as per the expectation. 

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Benefits of 3D Design

How we execute 3D design services?

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Virtual reality is to feel the reality before it happens at Dreamspaze

 Yes! we provide Virtual Reality for every customer to experience the interior design for any space like a living room, kitchen, bedroom. we adhere to the system which includes research, analysis, creativity, and technology

3D Designs

3D models are an effective tool used by the interior designers for effectively communicating the designs to the clients via 3D visualization thereby increasing the project approval rates.

3D models are an effective tool used by the interior designers for effectively communicating the designs to the clients via 3D visualization thereby increasing the project approval rates. 3D interior design enables altering and transforming the designs. VR technology with interior design will track and advance the drawing technology from the paper onto the screen thus, finally converting that into a 3D projection. This is why this has been adapted as the best technology by interior designers. 

3D interior design represents the fully furnished space including the textures, lighting, and materials from a 3D perspective. Virtual Reality (VR) technology will allow the viewers to get a better sense of how an interior design space will look like and feel in a 3D model of representation that is more likely an everyday experience. It gives the taste of how the space would look after completing the interior design. 

Why 3D designs are more popular?

The reasons why 3D interior designs are popular are:

  • Realistic portrayal
  • Visually appealing appearance
  • Ease or sharing time when compared to a face-to-face meeting
  • Rapid approval

Being one of the 3D interior design service providers, Dreamspaze excels in generating 3D rendering home designs. 



We provide interactive interior design ideas. The technology within the environment offers interaction capability embedded within decorative elements inside.



Creativity in decoration has led to innovative ideas in the present time. art, design, and technology are intertwining in ground-breaking ways.



We have a young team of interior stylists from international schools that have been trained to be productive and work efficiently.


Perfection and quality go hand in hand. The design experts utilize the available space textures patterns, Scale, Size efficiently to provide perfect finish on time.


“Feel the reality of your home with virtual design”

We don’t just say in words, we shows you in the virtual world

Virtual and augmented reality gives a clear idea of design at every stage customer can feel the environment, structure, color, size, pattern, virtually, so that substantial changes can be made to design


Benefits of VR Land

Interior designs are just not the design, it’s a craft of ideas for your lifelong house VR land technology can save your time with the changes to be made. you can go beyond expectations. you can feel at the home virtually


Frequently Asked Questions

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It is a time-saver for you. you have an idea, we grasp the idea and make your idea valuable using this experience.

You can get an amazing experience in the presentation part VR Headset box. no need for a mobile application.

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