Best Modular kitchen Guidelines

Best Modular kitchen Guidelines

A Modular kitchen which is a simple modern and flexible way to design your kitchen. The customized modern kitchen which as a different types of modules such as color, spacing, lighting etc. A best modular kitchen is more attractive and more flexible to work. The list of modular kitchen guidelines are listed below.

Best modular kitchen Guidelines are given below:

  • Layout of modular kitchen
  • Height of the cabinet modular kitchen
  • Best color pattern for modular kitchen
  • Chimney setup for the modular kitchen
  • Safety measures important for modular kitchen
  • Lighting for the modular kitchen
  • Trash for modular kitchen
  • Tiles placing for the modular kitchen

Layout of modular kitchen

The modular kitchen layout as three main parts which is stove, refrigerator, sink. The three main parts are designed in the shape of triangle. The triangle layout is the one of the best guidelines for modular kitchen. The stove, refrigerator and sink which plays the major role in the modular kitchen, so this layout of modular kitchen design more important part.

Height of the cabinet modular kitchen

The kitchen cabinet which is the built-in furniture for the modular kitchen. The cabinet modular kitchen as a separate space for the foods, cooking equipment. The vertical storage space for keeping water bottle and cooking sheets. The comfortable space and height for the kitchen cabinet is in between 820 mm to 860 mm for most of the people.

Best color pattern for modular kitchen

The best color pattern for the modular kitchen which is dark shades it can be more attractive and it looks more beautiful. The best way to design your modular kitchen is to avoid white color for the modular kitchen because it gives poor looks. For all white color modular kitchen is highly maintained and cleaned so, the dark shades gives best attraction.

Chimney setup for the modular kitchen

The chimney is the best part in the modular kitchen especially in the Indian kitchen because it absorbs the smoke, oily of cooking. It protects your kitchen tiles, cabinet and kitchen surface. The best size for the modular kitchen is 60cm for the one or two burner, 90cm for the three or four burner.

Safety measures important for modular kitchen

In the modular kitchen most important part is safety, we want to keep safety measures in the modular kitchen because the gas pipelines and fire equipment are in the kitchen so be safety and keep safety your modular kitchen. You keep some space between the stove and the basin. The modular kitchen which consists of windows for safety measures.

Lighting for the modular kitchen

The natural light is the best lighting for the modular kitchen, so keep some window for more lighting for our modular kitchen. During the evening and night time lighting is more important for cooking so keep more lighting for your modular kitchen. Keep more lighting under the cabinet because it is more useful for cooking and serving.

Trash for modular kitchen

Keep the trash in your kitchen which makes the clean and neat surface. For daily basis activity clean the trash because it keeps your kitchen clean. Cleaning of the kitchen gives the healthy and hygienic food so keep the kitchen clean and maintain the trash clean and neat.

Tiles placing for the modular kitchen

In your modular kitchen place the ceramic tiles which gives you royal look and it makes more attractive and feel good. It is best choice for the Indian modular kitchen because it is easy to clean and maintain. It is more popular tiles and best tiles for the modular kitchen. To know more about modular kitchen reach us.

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