Knowing how to brighten dark rooms through interior design will ensure that your home feels brighter, airy, and energizing in all seasons. When you want to brighten dark rooms, there are many things available that are to be considered right from selecting the best living room paint colors for your space to choosing lighter flooring options to pick out mirrors and adding additional lighting that works in favor of your exiting light levels of your room. Below are some of the tips which would help you brighten your dark rooms! Then, what you are waiting for? Start exploring the tips one by one!

Tips for brightening your dark room

1. Paint your floor white

If you need to cover those midcentury parquet floors that came with the apartments, paint your floors white that would reflect light around the space. Try using snow-white floors with black furnishings and accents to get an edgy and graphic look.

Paint your floor white

2. opt for light-reflecting flooring

Of course, a light-colored type of carpet will be the best choice of use as it will reflect the lightest, as well as pale hardwood flooring. But, if it is too hard to maintain the white floors, you can consider the best option like whitewashed or pela hardwood flooring. Also, you can throw down some large natural-colored rugs made of jute f rattan as the rugs will have a similar brightening effect.

3. Choose spacious feeling furniture

Wherever possible, you can avoid heavy and bulky furniture and instead opt for a low-slung and slimline piece of wood while furnishing a small living room. Using such furniture will allow as much light as possible to flow around the room. Consider using materials like marbled sideboards, mirrored or glass coffee tables, and pale wooden TV stands.

spacious feeling furniture

4. Ditch the heavy curtains

You can opt out of using draperies and instead, use a solar or roman shade to give a less fabric appearance while still finishing the windows. Get rid of using heavy and dark curtains that absorb light.

5. Select bright art

When you want to brighten dark rooms through interior design, you should not forget to use some picture lights or spotlights.

6. Hang a mirror

Hanging a mirror would double the amount of sunlight in your dark room by bouncing the light off reflective surfaces. It will be the best option to completely mirror a wall or to add a decorative mirror opposite the windows which will bring in the light to the dark room.

7. Choose to light for a well-lit living room

For a well-lit north-facing living room or a well-lit one of any orientation, try incorporating three different types of lighting which are accent lighting, ambient lighting, and task lighting. To create brightness, you can create a layer of overhead lighting. If you are working with a central pendant light, be sure to choose a warm shade or a bulb that gives a welcoming light. Using the light bulbs can also make an impact as it can counteract the harsh light r daylight light bulbs that are designed to replicate the natural light.

How to brighten dark rooms

8. Try a high-gloss ceiling

Using a high-gloss ceiling will be the best way to bring light into a room that is painted with a high-gloss paint color. High gloss paints can add a reflective surface to dark rooms.

9. Consider the temperature of your room

When it comes to brightening your dark room suing interiors, color and temperature matter a lot, and it is always recommended to use 2700k bulbs as it helps you enter the world of LED lights. If suits the budget, try using a warm-glow technology bulb just to create the right ambiance in the room.

10. Incorporate metallics

One of the best ways to brighten dark rooms through interior design is to use shimmery gold or silver accessories as it is the best way to transform a dark and dreary space. Be sure to incorporate the right number of silvery accents in the lamps.

11. Embrace a white lampshade

Always, a white wrap will rock and it does everything when it comes to brightening the dark rooms through interior design. Try not to hold back from bringing white paper lampshades, pendant lights, and lanterns into your dark space.

Embrace a white lampshade

12. Brighten up with more reflective wallpaper

Wallpapers are the best friend for homes especially when it comes to brightening dark rooms through interior design. So, be choosy to select a living room wallpaper that has a metallic finish and a pale background color which would maximize the lights it will reflect.

13. Keep window sills clear to banish shadows

Filling up your window sills with Knick knacks, houseplants, and neglected half-read books may look lovely but a clattered window still is going to prohibit light. Hence, keep them clear such that it will allow much light to flow in as possible. If there are certain things, opt for keeping them in open storage instead.

The bottom line

As discussed above, learning how to brighten dark rooms through interior design will be a challenging task but also it can be fun-filled and creative as it is not just limited to adding mirrors and paint to every surface! If you want to give any of these a try, contact Dreamspasze as we would love to work for you right from painting to ceiling to layering in accessories, we will help you let the light in.