how to do interior design for bedroom ?

In this blog, we are going to have a quick look at interior designs. Everyone knows about the interior decoration parts and tips, but here I will share some quiet things about interior design for the bedroom? Here bedroom should improve the sleeping quality. That’s the important thing here.. everyone knows that there is a relationship between sleep environment and sleep quality. 

People always have difficulties in the sleep environment and sleep quality. In the sleeping environment, we considered the two things which are too low or high air temperature. In sleeping quality, we considered that people sleep well in order of spring, winter, and summer. To know more about how to do interior design for bedroom Contact Us.

Interior Design For Bedroom

 People usually spend seven to eight hours sleeping in a day. They Spend one-third of their whole lifetime on sleeping. The sleeping mechanism helps to restore your body and maintain energy and health. Sleeping is good for mental and physical strength. To measure sleeping environment were set up  60cm high from a floor for subjects who use a bed whereas at 30cm high from a floor for subjects. 

 As far as seasonal sleep environment is concerned, air temperature during winter and spring was low, and the relative humidity during summer was high. Furthermore, due to lack of ventilation according to outdoor weather conditions, CO2 concentrations in most people’s bedrooms were extremely high during winter and spring. 

Based on OSAH, we found that spring is the best season to sleep, followed by winter and summer. Especially, regardless of age, people showed low sleep quality in summer but low sleep quality in summer and winter. Over the sixties, however, showed poor sleep quality not only in summer but also in winter.  

  A significant positive relationship between MRT and sleep quality is observed in the winter and spring when sleep environment is considered. When sleeping in a warm climate, sleep quality was better than when sleeping in a cool climate. We should investigate in the future the effects of high CO2 levels on occupants’ sleep quality and low relative humidity on that of the aged.  

After this interior bedroom design, we have to move on the interior decorations like choose subtle with the colors, make sure with living space, Think about the visual weight of your furniture, Layer your lighting, Follow your style, and make room for it in your design own ideas. For More interior design related quires contact Dreamspaze Interior Designer in Bangalore 

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