Top 10 Space Saving Interior Ideas For Small Homes

Every individual aspires for a luxurious and spacious home with all the contemporary facilities and amenities at their fingertips and with the advanced interior designing technology available today, it is possible to bring in a spacious and clutter-free vibes throughout your home even though if you are living in a small apartment or small individual home. By the way Dreamspaze makes an effort to create homes that suits your needs, design preferences, and financial constraints as our design experts will always craft designs keeping in mind the needs of busy urban Indians. You can explore our ideal, practical, functional, aesthetic, yet affordable space saving interior designs in this blog that are perfect for small families. For sure, you will be impressed with these inspiring space saving interior design  ideas which will revamp your small home into a spacious one right away.

A murphy bed with ample storage space Saving Interior Design Ideas

Beds end up consuming a large space of a home but it is the most comfortable space in the whole house as lying in the bed, wrapping you in blankets and falling off to sleep is the most comfortable feeling after spending a tired day of work throughout. If you are restricting yourself from experiencing this type of comfort only because of the space restrictions the, a murphy wall bed is the perfect choice for you to try out. Murphy bed will be compact, and space saving brilliant way.

A Murphy Bed With Ample Storage Space

A classy and space-saving unit under the staircase

There are times like during the recent pandemic, where we couldn’t go for a party outside, or a pub hopping on weekends. So, why not you can turn a corner of your home into a cozy bar where you can chill with your friends in your pajamas over a glass of wine? This bar utilizes the dead space under the staircase by designing the home more beautifully with sliding shutters, wine glass rack, and drawers to store your bottles all in one unit.

Space-Saving Unit Under The Staircase

A modular kitchen with smart storage facilities that gives a mess-free cooking experience

Our modular kitchen setup will assure you to experience a mess-free cooking and a cleaning experience even though you are having a very tiny kitchen as the designs will be tailor made. We implement designs with unique kitchen accessories like oil pull-outs, pantry pull-outs, striking drawers, magic corners, tandem drawers, base cabinets, and overheads along with different types of appliance garage and carousels such that every nook and corner of your kitchen will be utilized.

A modular kitchen with smart storage facilities

A sliding bookshelf apt for the space saving Interior Design Ideas

Do you have books as your best friends to relax and calm down? Are they taking yourself to an imaginary world and help you unwind after a tiring day of work? But, is it taking a large space of your living room? Then, a smart double sliding bookshelf will help you out with a space saving trick as it will help you organize your books without consuming more of your space. This is the sleek piece of furniture that every book loves will fall in love for sure. You can use the second sliding shelf to keep away the books that you have completed reading.

A Sliding Bookshelf Apt For The Space

A kitchen with foldable dining table and hidden storage

Be it regular meals or festive feasts, Indian families will always love to have their meals together gathering around the dining table with their families and friends. But, for smaller homes having a separate dining area is not possible all the time and for them, this foldable breakfast counter/foldable dining table will be the best choice as this comes with hidden storage where you can stock all your dining essentials with a clean and mess-free look.

A Wardrobe with hidden storage and flip-up TV unit

This piece of wardrobe will be perfect for small families living in a small home where you can accommodate your entertainment unit inside your wardrobe and there will no need of for a separate wall for your TV as the entire TV panel can be accommodated inside your wardrobe. Besides, this TV panel comes with a flip-up mechanism and hidden storage behind it.

A Wardrobe With Hidden Storage And Flip-Up TV Unit​

A small bathroom with a dedicated space for washing machine

Placing a small washing machine in a small home will be quite difficult especially if there is not a separate utility area. Most of the people end up placing machines on the balcony even though it spoils the outdoor look. Hence, this sleep-space saving bathroom interior can give a dedicated space for your washing machine that looks compact, clutter-free, and stylish too!

A small bathroom with a dedicated space for washing machine

Final thoughts

We hope that our exclusive space saving interior design ideas would have inspired you to make your home look smart and have a stylish makeover. As said above, these sparkling and intelligent space saving interior designing ideas will definitely make your small home look more spacious and clutter free. Dreamspaze assures our clients with smart space saving ideas that will give you extra space in your small yet lovely home and that is guarantee. For more details, you can call us or schedule an appointment with us and our team of expertise designers will help you design your home based on your taste, lifestyle, and budget. If you wish to have a closer look at space-saving interior designs, you can also walk into our office. To know more about interior design ideas, trends, and much more, do check our blog section frequently.

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